es en
450 thousand
acres of forest under FSC Management
70 years
producing and distributing
fine wood products
We bring
and warmth to your space
We harvest
less than 1 tree
per hectare every 20 years
We follow the
highest quality
standards worldwide
Durable and beautiful
tropical hardwood
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We are a business corporation with over
70 years
of experience in harvesting, processing and the distribution of fine wood products around the world.

About Bozovich

Worldwide presence
Thanks to our customers and suppliers, today we offer a broad range of wood and wood-related products from and to the world.

Bozovich worldwide
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Trade Statement, ITTC54 2018, Yokohama

Sustainability and legality in the tropical timber trade are crucial issues. This very point was obvious in the recent trade agreement between Canada, USA and Mexico…
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News 21/Sep/2018

Felicitaciones a nuestro Equipo Otorongo – Chullachaqui Bozovich!!!

Las auditorias de Certificación FSC 100% de Manejo Forestal y Cadena de Custodia de nuestras concesiones Chullachaqui y Otorongo fueron aprobadas para la zafra…
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News 14/Aug/2018

Bozovich apoya con madera a Iglesia a cargo de la comunidad de la sierra Queretana, México

Queremos dar a conocer nuestra obra social a las comunidades de la sierra de Querétaro, México. Más de 4,100PT de madera fue donada a una iglesia en la zona…
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Water and Life

Photographs by
Walter H. Wust

Children of the rain

Photographs by
Walter H. Wust & Nigel Smith

Tasting Green

Amazonian cuisine according
Pedro Miguel Schiaffino


"The journey that unite us"
Texts and photographs
by Walter H. Wust