ITTO- Trade Statement, ITTC54 2018, Yokohama

Sustainability and legality in the tropical timber trade are crucial issues.

This very point was obvious in the recent trade agreement between Canada, USA and Mexico which pointedly acknowledges the importance of Sustainable Forestry Management (SFM) and noted its importance in sustainable development, conservation and sustainable use of resources. The agreement highlights green managed forests’ contribution to global environmental security as well as the critical role of forests in providing essential ecosystem services, job creation and alleviating poverty. Significantly, the agreement has provisions to combat the illegal trade in timber and also, quite importantly, includes support for SFM and legal trade.

ITTO has worked for 40 years on sustainability and trade promotion, yet tropical timber consumption in traditional markets has been declining for years. The TAG recognizes there seems to be a dis-connect between ITTC and the timber industry which has allowed this to happen. If we do not act urgently, the conversion of tropical forest land will continue

Jaguars thrive in lightly logged forests

Bozovich shares this study, where part of the research has been in made in our “Forestal Otorongo’s” FSC Certified concession in Madre de Dios, Peru.

Jaguars are losing territory because of the encroach on tropical forests. A study issue of Biological Conservation offers hope. Scientists found that in some lightly logged forests in Guatemala and Peru—certified by independent experts as “well managed”.
In Peru, the researchers examined logging concessions in Amazon Basin’s Madre de Dios. Part of the study was made in the FSC certified concession. All forestry operations in the reserve must be certified by the independent nonprofit Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).
In both Guatemala and Peru, they detected more than 20 other mammal species, including prey for the big cats. The newly opened canopy may have encouraged growth of the plants they eat.
Anand Roopsind, a postdoctoral research fellow at Boise State University, says these findings reaffirm other research demonstrating the value of lightly logged forests for jaguar conservation. The FSC enjoys significant support among conservationists.

Mcarré, diseño y arte

Vanessa Mohme, John Martin y Fernando Flores no son los clásicos vendedores de muebles para «adornar» casas. Ellos diseñan ambientes interiores con objetos ideales para el relax y el disfrute estético. Para la producción cuentan con una fábrica en Lima Sur. John Martin agrega que Mcarré trabaja exclusivamente con Maderera Bozovich, un grupo empresarial peruano con más de 60 años de experiencia en la extracción, transformación y distribución de productos de maderas finas alrededor del mundo. Cuentan con la certificación FSC para la concesión forestal en la selva sur del Perú, que garantiza un proceso de producción y distribución ordenado y transparente, permitiéndoles ofrecer madera certificada a todo el mundo. Su objetivo es ser el principal socio del bosque amazónico y ayudar a su conservación, comercializando madera extraída de manera sostenible. Sigue leyendo