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Jaguars thrive in lightly logged forests

Publicado en 25 junio, 2018, por en ESTUDIO.

Bozovich shares this study, where part of the research has been in made in our “Forestal Otorongo’s” FSC Certified concession in Madre de Dios, Peru. Jaguars are losing territory because of the encroach on tropical forests. A study issue of Biological Conservation offers hope. Scientists found that in some lightly logged forests in Guatemala and



Froman says he’s ‘encouraged’ by Peru’s crackdown on illegal logging

Officials from the United States and Peru met last week to discuss the progress made to address illegal logging, challenges that remain, and how both countries can work together and individually to address those challenges.

By Chris Gillis |Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Premios Convención Bona 2014



Perú y EE.UU. fortalecerán gestión del Sector Forestal

El Peruano. Martes 15 de enero del 2013 ECONOMIA   Esfuerzo. Acuerdan Plan en Marco del TLC Bilateral Perú y EE UU fortalecerán gestión del sector forestal Reforzarán manejo sostenible de cedro español y caoba. Resaltan la promoción del comercio legal de productos maderables.

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